Home Is Where Massey Hall Is

by The Sun Harmonic

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The Sun Harmonic was one of many to walk onto the stage of Massey Hall - within hours of Canada's cherished music venue shutting down to renovate for two years - full of respect and gratitude for a place that's become a second home and it's staff that became family.

Recorded live at Massey on July 3rd, "The Grand Old Lady" is a song written for the Hall and the fellow ushers who said our goodbyes; it is now the last performance given on the old wooden stage of Massey Hall after 124 years of public service... "Life With Me" is a love song, written for Jess, sung with Jess, with love and a little bit of magic intertwined...

Long Live The Grand Old Lady! And cheers to these surreal moments in life.

Donate to support the Massey Hall revitalization: www.masseyhall.com/revitalization


released July 22, 2018

Recorded live at Massey Hall, Toronto Canada
Tuesday July 3rd 2018, approx 10:30 pm.
Music/Lyrics written by Kaleb Nathaniel Hikele.
Trk. 2 performed with Jessica Liadsky, side by side.

Photography by Martin Philip James Bryan.
Artwork design by K. Hikele.


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The Sun Harmonic Toronto, Ontario

Canadian folk/rock act, led by small town songwriter Kaleb Hikele, est. 2009. "It’s All Okay” EP coming April 17

Notable releases of The Sun Harmonic are concept album/double LP "Winter" and a personal favourite, Season (2010). Proudly independent since 2009 (formerly of The Broadview Band, King Snake Crawl, The Other Birds, The Capitol and Far From Freedom)

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Track Name: The Grand Old Lady Sails Away (Live at Massey Hall)
I'm so sad to see you go
Although you have to sail away
But you'll be coming back I know
And I'll see you again someday

We knew it all along
The Grand Old Lady sets her sails today
But still I sing this song
To wish her well along the way

Even at the end I'd do it all again
This house it is a home to me now
I'm so sad to see you go
But I'll see you again somehow

We'll I thought I heard her say
"We're all the way up in Heaven now"
These ghosts they tend to stay
Once the show starts they dance around!

Lights down, a dimming glow
A note of rest, the seams will start to fray
You'll be prettier I know,
But in your hair I like the grey

Every now and then I say Goodbye to a friend
But this time it is more than a few
To the love of my life, in joy and my strife,
I know that I will marry you soon...

Thank you for the show!
As I stand and we applaud your grace
I'm so sad to see you go
But I'll see you again someday, I'll see you again someday.
Track Name: Spend This Life With Me (Live at Massey Hall)
Yoko spread around ashes today
Now mans nature walk is another mans grave
Beside the park is the home where they’d stay
It’s where they found love in the air each day

I met you walking down the aisle
And I fell to my knees and I said “I do”,
The first time in awhile
Then I could feel the earth tilt to my side
These flowers were fake, but the words were real,
And they made you cry.

Wherever you go, that’s where I’ll be
If you will spend this life with me, where will we go?

She held my hand as it began to rain
As day turned to night I started to feel
My luck it has changed
This beautiful girl defines my most beautiful days
I’ll pour you some wine, while passing the time,
Here’s what I will say

Wherever you go, that’s where I’ll stay
Play me a tune, I’ll sing you a song, it’s better this way
Wherever you go, that’s where I’ll be
If you will spend this life with me, where will we go?

Wherever you go, that’s where I’ll be
If you will spend this life with me, where will we go?

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